Near Krishi Bhawan Babu Tola Banka, Bihar-813102

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DAV Public School, Banka, at the bank of Chandan river, is one of the many glorious prospering chains of DAV Schools.The district has a rich heritage and it has a close linkage with the parent district of Bhagalpur from which it was carved out after 1991 Census. Therefore, history of Banka district can be rightly viewed through the history of Bhagalpur district.Anga Region, alongwith Magadh, first finds mention in Vedic literature in the Atharvaveda Samhita. Buddhist scriptures mention Anga among the different kingdoms in northern India. Anga was a part of the great Gupta Empire (320-455A.D.) also.The famous Mandar Hill is  situated in Banka.It is associated with Mahabharat era also, because Doryodhan had announced Danvir Karna as the king of Anga.

The school is directly managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi. It is manned by dedicated competent and highly qualified teachers with the selfless co-operation of local dignitaries, under the able guidance and leadership of the Principal.

The School has a holistic approach to education whereby the scholastic performance of the pupil reinforces the moral values of universal brotherhood, love, peace, joy and kindness. So far the entity and dignity of  DAV Public School, Banka is concerned. It has been successful in earning the trust of the Parents / Guardians as an outstanding institution in merely one year. It is committed to improve the inner potentiality of the pupils and to inculcate moral and ethical values in the blood as well as in the heart of the pupils.

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Near Krishi Bhawan Babu Tola Banka,
Bihar - 813102
Contact No.: 9006629907, 6202297185, 7979861731
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